INFACT is a community of people working together to achieve a new vision for mineral exploration in Europe: a less invasive exploration that would take into account the proven technical performances of an exploration technology as well as its environmental footprint and social acceptance level.

During the last week of September, Aarhus Geophysics hosted geologists and geophysicists from Anglo American, Geotech, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg, Oulu Mining School, SRK Exploration Services, Fraunhofer, Supracon and Geognosia to discuss one of the three pillars of the INFACT certification: the technical performances of an exploration technology.

After a deep dive into the rich INFACT database from Sakatti, Geyer, Las Cruces and Rio Tinto, the partners have identified the knowledge gaps to be filled: Improving the correlations between AEM data and geological models or gaining in-depth knowledge on innovative Full Tensor Magnetic Gradiometer data and the way to interpret them. Those discussions brought the project a few steps ahead towards a benchmarking framework.  Face to face discussions proved to be of great value to reach that level of collaboration in a multi-disciplinary team…Different perspectives allow for deeper exchanges! The INFACT consortium is indeed building a robust evaluation process for methods as diverse as EM, Gravity, Magnetics, Radiometrics, Hyperspectral and Seismic.

Reminder: The INFACT European Reference Sites have been selected to provide a rich and diverse exploration portfolio including extensive drillhole and geophysical databases and covering a broad range of geological, social and climatic conditions to cater for a wide variety of exploration challenges. The sites will be open for use by technology developers and exploration service companies and will allow an assessment of innovative, non-invasive exploration techniques both in terms of technical ability to map relevant geology and identify mineral deposits as well as in terms of environmental impact and perception of local stakeholders in the diverse contexts of European exploration.

Why use the INFACT Reference Sites?

  • World’s first test sites and associated framework providing an assessment of the technical, social, and environmental performance of exploration technologies on well-constrained geology and mineralisation;
  • Technology providers may develop case studies to demonstrate that their system can positively contribute to an integrated mineral exploration program;
  • Increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your system;
  • Introduce your innovative methods to the exploration industry;
  • Feedback from multi-disciplinary experts to broaden the understanding of performance potentials;
  • Participate in a credible certification scheme for best-practice mineral exploration to increase the confidence of decision-makers, investors and civil society.

Stay tuned if you want to know more about this INFACT quality label!

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