The INFACT project has presented the deliverable ‘Choosing socially and environmentally more acceptable exploration technologies’. This report offers guidance to decision-makers for incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors alongside technical and logistical considerations in the mineral exploration phase.

This educational document has drawn on available literature and the research carried out during the project lifetime. It proposes to give ESG factors equal prominence alongside geological aspects at the main decision points in the exploration stage. This stimulates the use of good social and environmental practices from the outset of exploration, with clear benefits for the long‐term future of a project.

The INFACT Exploration Process Decision Tree has been developed as part of this report. It is a useful tool for guiding exploration projects to be more environmentally and socially responsible. The INFACT Decision Tree is available here and a summary video has been produced:

The report follows the exploration process from the initial idea of an exploration project through to technical reporting at a more advanced stage of development via preparation of a Competent Person’s Report or equivalent following international mineral reporting codes such as PERC.

At the same time, the document provides technical input into the revision of the PERC reporting guidelines to support an increase of ESG consideration in public reporting, with a focus on social performance.

The guidelines outlined in the report aim at providing educational guidance for exploration projects to be more environmentally and socially responsible in both practice and use of technologies.

Read the full report here.

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