As part of its data acquisition campaign at the Spanish reference site, the INFACT project has recently completed a VTEM Max survey in the area of Rio Tinto (Andalusia) which allowed to acquire 195 km of data.

Complementary with these data collection efforts, a public event was organised on Tuesday 23 April for citizens of the neighbouring villages Nerva and Minas de Rio Tinto. Two presentations were given at the Nerva High School to inform students about the INFACT project in general (Virginia del Río, ATClave), and more technical aspects such as basics on geophysics and the airborne methods used during the survey (Isla Fernandez, Geognosia). Later on, Angelo Farci (Atalaya Mining) received the public at the viewpoint of Corta Atalaya while the helicopter pilot Walter Kaufmann and the technical crew were preparing the helicopter operation and crossing fingers looking at the grey sky. Finally, the public could enjoy the impressive ZTEM landing at Corta Atalaya and obtain a closer experience of mineral exploration and its difficulties in real time.

More information about the campaign in Spain:

Credit featured image: Armand van der Sandt

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