This video shows a geological 3D model of Geyer, which is one of the three INFACT reference areas. Geyer is located in the Erzgebirge, a mountain range in eastern Germany. The region is known for its long mining history of ore deposits containing tin, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, iron, silver and indium.

Aiming at knowledge dissemination, researchers and experts engaged in the INFACT consortium display the 3D integration of legacy and new data acquired using innovative, environmentally-friendly and safer exploration approaches. The video shows satellite imagery, a digital elevation model, the top surfaces of metamorphic units, the main fault planes, more than 800 drill cores, economically interesting targets such as skarn lenses and polymetallic veins, helicopter flight paths of the acquisition of non-invasive geophysical methods such as: the Full Tensor Magnetic Gradiometry (FTMG), Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetics (VTEM-EM), Radiometry and Magnetics. In addition, the video illustrates the integration of geophysical and geological data, through a comparison of VTEM resistivity sections with the 3D geological model.

The video displays data acquired during the 2018 airborne geophysical campaign at the INFACT reference site in Germany. Read more about the campaign at the following link.

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