These days, the INFACT project team is extremely busy in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, pursuing its efforts to set up a reference site in the area of Seville. Similarly to the activities performed at the Finnish and German sites in summer 2018, this encompasses, on the one hand, building trust with local communities during stakeholder events and, on the other hand, acquiring high-quality data which will enhance the geophysical knowledge of the area.

As regards the technical part, last week saw the completion of a drone campaign during which LiDAR, hyperspectral and magnetic data were acquired. The airborne electromagnetic survey at Las Cruces has also been completed by means of deploying VTEM Max and GFEM techniques.

Drone campaign at Las Cruces. Credit: HZDR


Airborne electromagnetic survey. Credit: ATClave


In addition, two stakeholder events where organised close to the Las Cruces mine site: On Tuesday, the 9th of April, the project team has received the visit of two groups of young people from the nearby high schools of Gerena and Guillena, who were able to attend the tests and landing of the helicopter, in addition to listening to several presentations by the INFACT technical team. On Thursday, the 11th of April, the INFACT team met with professionals from the mining and exploration sector, representatives of institutions, and a group of students and professors from the International University of Andalusia.



For further background information about INFACT and the activities in Spain, check our recent press release.

Photo credits: ATClave

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