?Once known as corporate social and environmental responsibility and performance, so-called Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues play a big role for mineral exploration projects. This includes areas such as biodiversity, water use, climate change, human rights, health, safety, supply chains, transparency and corruption, to name just a few. In this edition of #INFACTalks we focus initially on governance issues related to exploration. We then return to the Sustainable Development Goals and their potential as a useful and internationally recognised framework to shape and prioritise objectives to manage ESG risks. Particular attention is paid to biodiversity as a key environmental issue and the importance of considering potential impacts from the outset. The talk concludes with a focus on land use conflicts and how external actors, sometimes known as eco-elites, can influence and even initiate conflicts in exploration, and through the mine life.

Our questions:

  • How important is the role of governance to exploration?
  • What role do the Sustainable Development Goals have in exploration projects?
  • How can biodiversity impact a project?
  • How would you describe the contemporary dimensions of land use conflicts?

Watch the movie in the video window above or at: https://youtu.be/O6GJKksgc9E


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